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See 3 great reasons to support DurhamCares below!

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​3 Great Reasons to Support DurhamCares

We invite you to join the DurhamCares giving community. Any amount helps! Here are three good reasons to partner with us right now:

1) Our Impact: We have had over 100 participants in the life-changing Pilgrimage journey. Read 2 testimonials here in the Church Health Reader. In the past year we have had 500 attendees at workshops, trainings and events, and the 20 churches in our Church Mobilization Network experienced transformation that fostered collaboration and action. Here are two examples:

"DurhamCares helped us think about all that God was doing in our church and our community and challenged us to say 'How can we be a part of that?'"

"I've been inspired by DurhamCares to collaborate, to reach out, and to build a greater network that can accomplish a greater good."

2) Our Growth: Our Pilgrimage participants are telling their friends. And their friends are telling their friends. Now we have a long line of people and groups who are waiting to participate, so we plan to have an additional 160 participants this year. We will expand our Church Mobilization Network through ongoing relationships and a project with DISI, and we will double our education event participants from 500 to 1,000. People want to love their neighbors in ways that are deeply rooted and holistic, and we are meeting that important need.

3) Our Community: Our giving community ranges from people who give $5 to people who give thousands. And everyone is important. By giving, you become a part of the work. So we invite you to pray about what giving level is right for you, and we encourage you to help us reach our goal by making a gift today.

Thank you for helping Durham residents love their neighbors in holistic ways!

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