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Pilgrimage Video Curriculum

Support our vision to create a Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope video curriculum.

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DurhamCares is creating a complete video series based on the transformative Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope spiritual formation experience.

What is the Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope?

Over the past four years, DurhamCares has led hundreds of people on a weekend-long journey of visiting historic sites, hearing from Durham's community elders, and reflecting on the Scriptures with a small cohort of community members. The goal is to help participants discover how Durham's story, our stories and God's story are woven together. We reckon with hard realities like colonialism, slavery, and racism, while hearing hopeful stories of abolition and liberation through the lens of the Christian faith.

What is the Impact of the Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope?

  • We have led 389 participants through 24 pilgrimages
  • 100% of surveyed participants have an increased understanding of Durham's history
  • 100% said the pilgrimage gave them a sense of the theology of place
  • 96% developed meaningful relationships
  • 100% said the pilgrimage equipped them to talk about social justice from a spiritual perspective

The Pilgrimage Video Curriculum

The Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope Video Curriculum will include a series of videos that feature sites and speakers from the Pilgrimage, and a curriculum guide for discussion. This series will:

  • Make the pilgrimage accessible to people regardless of ability, scheduling conflicts, or public health crises like the coronavirus
  • Expand the reach of the pilgrimage - people can experience elements of the pilgrimage any time, in any place
  • Offer a concrete, place-based approach to the often abstracted process of learning about issues like colonialism, slavery, Civil Rights, and immigration
  • Provide a model for place-based discipleship - participants learn the importance of place, story, reflection, and transformation in the Biblical story and discover how learning about our city helps us grow in our journey of following Jesus

Our Goal

To create this video curriculum series, it will cost $60,000. Your contribution will make a lasting impact on hundreds of Durham residents who will be inspired to know, understand, and love their neighbors. Thank you for joining us in this work.